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Wildlife Friendly Vegetable Gardener


In The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener, Tammi Hartung explains how to grow food in harmony with nature and enhance your relationship with all the animals that pass through your growing area.

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By Tammi Hartung Make beneficial wildlife part of your food-garden ecosystem with the help of The Wildlife Friendly Vegetable Gardener. They’ll pollinate your plants, feed on pests, and leave behind manure to nourish your soil. Tammi Hartung has spent years observing natural rhythms and animal habits in her garden, a peaceful place where perennials attract pollinators, ponds house slug-eating bullfrogs, mulch protects predator insects in the soil, gently deters unwanted mice, and hedgerows shelter and feed many kinds of wildlife. Her successful methods are a positive step towards a healthier garden. 19 x 1 x 24.6 cm, 144 pages.


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