Resilient Gardens by Linda Gilkeson

Resilient Gardens


  • By Linda Gilkeson, Ph.D.
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By Linda Gilkeson. Pollinator Gardens, Garlic Diseases, Pest Update. The latest edition provides practical information on how to grow safe, hospitable and abundant coastal gardens for pollinators. Topics include pollination biology and common pollinators, what to plant to feed them (and what not to plant), nest sites for bees and protecting pollinators from insecticides. The second section focuses on identifying and managing garlic root diseases. Updates are included on spotted wing Drosophila, pea leaf weevils and a new disease, downy mildew of basil. Note: This new one is not a replacement for the Resilient Gardens 2016 — they have entirely different content.

We are always excited by a new publication from Linda Gilkeson. The magnificent thing about her writing is that she gets under the skin of her content. She doesn’t just direct us to grow flowers for pollinators — she explains in detail the problems caused by incomplete pollination and how the bloom time of different flowers coincides with the varying life stages of different bees. The reader comes away with a clear understanding of the strategies, as well as the importance of pollinator conservation. And that’s just one of the topics covered in this helpful book. Linda uses language that is accessible to the most novice gardener, but includes information that will assist the most accomplished Master Gardeners.

This is a great book. – Mark Macdonald, West Coast Seeds


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