The Hop Grower's Handbook

Hop Grower’s Handbook


  • Selecting, preparing, & designing a hop yard
  • Details on best practices
  • Manage weeds, insects, and diseases
  • Harvesting, drying, and processing
  • Pricing for market
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Product Description

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Written by hop farmers and craft brewery owners Laura Ten Eyck and Dietrich Gehring, The Hop Grower’s Handbook is a beautifully photographed and illustrated book that weaves the story of their Helderberg Hop Farm with the colorful history of New York and New England hop farming, and relays horticultural information about the unusual hop plant and the mysterious resins it produces that give beer a distinctively bitter flavor, including an overview of the numerous native, heirloom, and modern varieties of hops and their purposes. The authors also detail an easy-to-understand explanation of the beer-brewing process, which is critical for hop growers to understand in order be able to provide the high-quality product brewers want to buy. The authors even include a few beer recipes, too.

8×10″, 288 pages, paperback


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