The Digger Garden Gloves for Women NG138-1

The Digger Garden Gloves for Women


  • Designed by women for women
  • Heavily reinforced fingertips
  • Velcro strap for snug fit
  • Breathable fabric design
  • Leather free
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Product Description

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Designed by women for women’s hands, The Digger garden gloves for women have triple reinforced fingertips, so you can dig all you want, and they will not wear through. Fingertips and fingernails will be protected by the sturdy construction. The velcro wrist closure prevents dirt from entering from above and provides a snug, comfortable fit. These gloves are machine washable, ventilated for long summer jobs, and tough enough for serious garden jobs. The Digger is fashioned from fabric and synthetics, so there is no leather used, which makes them a nice option for vegan growers.


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