Leather Gauntlet Gloves

Leather Gauntlet Gloves


  • Elbow length
  • Thick, protective leather
  • Pliable fingers and thumbs
  • Protection from blackberry and rose thorns
  • Men’s size only
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Product Description

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Engage in the Game of Thorns! Protect your hands with these practical Leather Gauntlet Gloves – face up to the thorniest blackberries and the prickliest roses with these really substantial leather gauntlets. Protect your hands and arms from the most savage parts of your garden. Despite the leather armor these gloves provide, the fingers and thumb are entirely flexible and very comfortable to wear, even for a whole afternoon of berry picking. These green leather gauntlet gloves provide nearly invincible protection from the pointiest bits of your garden, but offer all the dexterity of a smaller hand covering. We recommend them for all pickers of seasonal blackberries, and pruners of roses.


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