All Purpose Mens Gloves
All Purpose Mens GlovesAll Purpose Mens Gloves

All Purpose Men’s Gloves


  • Tough pigskin leather
  • Pliable and lightweight
  • Fits most men’s hands
  • Comfortable for hours
  • Lined to reduce blisters
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Product Description

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For simple utility, this pigskin glove is great value. Tough, but pliable, with reinforced stitching. All Purpose Men’s Gloves are the preferred work glove of West Coast Seeds staff, and get a good workout in our trial gardens. The gloves have all of the toughness needed for handling prickly plants and shifting large rocks, but they have the comfort and touch delicate enough to handle tender seedlings. The interior is lined with free-breathing cotton/nylon blend that will reduce blisters and protect your hands from the elements. Available in one size only, but will fit all but the most giant man’s hands.


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