VeganO 3-3-3

VeganO 3-3-3


VeganO 3-3-3 Fertilizer is a 100% organic vegan blend containing no animal products or rock minerals of any kind.

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If you’re uncomfortable using animal by products or manures in the garden, 100% organic VeganO 3-3-3 Fertilizer is the answer. No animal products or rock minerals of any kind go into this wholly vegan blend. Mixed right here in Beautiful British Columbia! This product will speed growth and give vegetables, flowers and herbs more vigorous growth through the season, increased flowering, and better fruit set. It will biodegrade into the soil and feed microbial action, which produces healthier soil. VeganO 3-3-3 fertilizer is also useful to speed action in the compost. Apply VeganO at planting time, or when you transplant seedlings into their permanent growing spot. And use it as a supplemental topical fertilizer throughout the season by top dressing. That’s just scattering it on the soil surface around plants.


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