ProMix Flower Boost Fertilizer 3-7-3 Organic

ProMix Flower Boost Fertilizer 3-7-3 Organic


  • Certified organic
  • OMRI listed
  • Made in Canada
  • 3-7-3 NPK ratio
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Product Description

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This new granular fertilers is recommended for use in the organic production of flowers and all indoor and outdoor flowering plants. ProMix Flower Booster Fertilizer is certified organic and OMRI listed for use in organic systems. The convenient 2kg shaker bottle allows for easy spreading and even distribution. Note the NPK ratio of 3-7-3 — the higher phosphorus content improves the development of flowers, fruits, and seeds, and it’s essential for good photosynthesis. So avoid using this product on plants that are already prone to bolting like arugula and spinach unless the purpose is seed production. You really will notice an increase in the number and size of flowers when correctly applied. Made in Canada.

2kg jug.


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