Gaia Mineralized Phosphate

Gaia Mineralized Phosphate 0-13-1


  • Harvested sustainably
  • Rich in phosphorus
  • 2kg / 20m²
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Product Description

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This Mineralized Phosphate from Gaia Green has been sustainably harvested from caves in Asia. It is is a potent source of phosphorus for the garden, and will stimulate root growth. It will increase the size and number of blooms on flowering plants as well as improve the flavour of all vegetables. This two kilogram pail is enough to cover twenty square meters, and can be applied once a month during the growing season. It can be used as a top dressing for container plants and raised beds, but keep the dose relatively low at about 10mL per 4L (1 tablespoon per gallon) of soil.

Also available in a 10kg bag (ZFL330).


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