Gaia Green Natural Garden Liquid

Gaia Green Natural Garden Liquid 4-3-4


  • Supplemental crop fertilizer
  • Use as plant food
  • Works for houseplants
  • Organic ingredients
  • Made in B.C.
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Product Description

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Gaia Green Natural Garden Liquid is a well-balanced fertilizer blend of fish emulsion, blood meal, rock phosphate, mined potassium sulfate, humates, and seaweed extracts. It makes a superb in-season booster for any crops fertilized with the Complete 4-4-4 at planting time. It can be used at transplant time, to water established plants, or even in hydroponic systems. Use it as a monthly plant food for indoor container plants and houseplants. Enjoy lush growth and improved flower and fruit set on nearly any crop. Made in B.C. Concentrated liquid with full application instructions included.


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