Big Blue Fish 2-3-0

Big Blue Fish 2-3-0


  • 100% natural
  • Made in Canada
  • Improves root growth
  • Feeds soil organisms
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Product Description

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Fish hydrolysate is a cold-processed, live, and nutrient rich fertilizer and is not sterilized with high heat like an emulsion. Big Blue Fish is 100% natural, with no chemicals added. This fertilizer improves root development. It contains calcium, which is essential for increasing the Brix level in plants and helps prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes. It contains iron for increasing and stabilizing chlorophyll production. And it also contains a wide range of trace elements essential to strong plant health. Applying fish fertilizer is one of the best ways of restoring soil microbiology that has been degraded by pesticides and herbicides. Made in Canada.


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