Big Blue Alga

Big Blue Alga 0-0-5


  • Improves root formation
  • Increases photosynthesis
  • Relieves plant stress
  • Improves soil tilth
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Product Description

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This liquid seaweed fertilizer boasts a broad range of benefits to plants of all kinds. Made from the North Atlantic seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, it is processed at cool temperatures to preserve its many benefits. Big Blue Alga improves seed germination and increases root development. It increases bloom set and flower size. It relieves plant stresses such as cold and drought, and improves absorption of soil nutrients. This seaweed contains the phytohormones known as cytokinins, which improve soil tilth, and regulate plant cell division and cell wall formation. They are shown to increase photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. Apply according to product directions at regular intervals throughout the season. Made in Canada.

500 ml bottle.


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