Pop Up Grow Bag Accelerator
Pop Up Grow Bag Accelerator

Pop Up Grow Bag Accelerator


  • 18 inches in diameter
  • 38 inches tall
  • Collapses flat, ships flat
  • Speeds growth
  • Traps heat

Product Description

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This simple product acts like a greenhouse, allowing container or grow bag growers to transplant outside a few weeks earlier than normal. It speeds the growth of heat loving plants like tomatoes by as much as twenty-five percent, which means happier plants and an earlier crop. The Pop Up Grow Bag Accelerator springs open to form a 96cm (38″) tall tube. It is open at the bottom, so it can literally slide over a planted grow bag. The mesh top can be left open or zipped shut to control ventilation and the amount of heat being trapped. Loops at the bottom can be fixed into the ground with metal ground staples to keep it in place. Most grow bags are designed with a diameter of 12 inches or 14 inches. The Accelerator has a diameter of 18 inches. It will work over containers, too, up to about five gallons. It works well with our Tomato Grow Bags. It is constructed from durable, reinforced polyethylene greenhouse fabric.

It collapses flat for off-season storage, and ships in a box that measures 49 x 49 x 4cm (19 x 19 x 1½”).


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