Metal Fabric Staples 6 inch
Metal Fabric Staples 6 inchMetal Fabric Staples 6 inch

Metal Fabric Staples 6 inch


  • 6″ long, 1″ wide
  • Galvanized against rust
  • Push by hand
  • Use every 30cm (12″)
  • Secures row cover
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Product Description

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Metal Fabric Staples 6 inch are galvanized wire staples. Push 15cm (6″) into the soil, at 30cm (12″) spacing to hold floating row cover in place. For the best stability, push them in on an angle like tent pegs. Fix row cover in place, or use to fix paper mulch, electrical cords, drip irrigation hose, plastic film, or anything else in the garden. In most soil, you can easily insert the staples by hand rather than using a mallet or hammer. Be sure to place lightweight floating row cover over your carrot bed early in the season to protect them from the carrot rust fly. The staples can easily be removed and the cover pulled back for weeding and thinning.


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