Insect Mesh Tunnel ZRC303-1

Insect Mesh Tunnel


  • Provide protection from insects
  • Mild greenhouse effect
  • Deter the cabbage moth
  • Foil the carrot rust fly
  • Optional drawstrings
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Product Description

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Creating a physical barrier between your crops and the insects that would feed on them is the simplest and most organic way to provide protection. The Insect Mesh Tunnel has fine mesh over galvanized steel hoops, and will keep cabbage moths, carrot rust flies, and other insect pests off your crops. The ends seal close with an optional drawstring. Just be sure to remove the tunnel if pollination is needed. The cabbage moth will only lay eggs on the underside of leaves. If a physical barrier prevents her from getting to the underside, she will move on to the next plant. So the Insect Mesh Tunnel is a useful, purely mechanical (non-chemical) means of protecting crops from insect pests. Once installed, this product measures 300cm long, 60cm wide, 45cm tall (10′ long, 24″ wide, 18″ tall).


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