Greenhouse Film ZRC441-1

Greenhouse Film


  • Withstands the elements
  • Lasts four years
  • UV protected
  • Perfect for cloche cover
  • Transmits 93% of light
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Product Description

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This tough, UV-treated Greenhouse Film shrugs off snow, wind, sun, hail, and rough handling. It will last at least four years. The transparent material transmits 93% of received light and is ideal for winter cloche use. Use in the summer for a cloche cover above your tomatoes to protect them from late blight. Strong and pliable, use with Cloche Clips (ZRC416) to cover any shape of garden bed. The Greenhouse Film pieces are 1′ shorter than pipes to allow a gap for summer ventilation and burying the pipe. Thickness = 6 mils (6/1000 of an inch).

ZRC441E Greenhouse Film is 100′ long and 16′ wide. Pick up only or call for shipping rates.


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