Cloche Pipe

Cloche Pipe


  • Easy to use
  • 1″ exterior diameter
  • 3/4″ interior diameter
  • Provides a sturdy frame
  • Long lasting
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Product Description

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Our garden Cloche Pipe 100PSI is rigid and thick-walled and supports itself. Exterior diameter:1 inch, interior diameter: 3/4″. Thick-walled for more rigidity. Cloche pipe comes in lengths of 7″ or 11″. The height of the cloche will vary with the width of the bed you are covering. Still flexible enough so you can make it wide and low or narrow and tall. The diagram shows possibilities for an eleven-foot pipe and will give you an idea of how width and height are related. You’ll need one hoop every 2′ or 2.5′ of cloche length.Choose from our precut units, or for large projects full rolls are available.

*ZRC451C Cloche Pipe full roll of 400′. *Pick up only or call for shipping rates.


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