Cloche Clips ZHG416-1
3/4" (interior) Pipe Cloche Clips3/4" (interior) Pipe Cloche Clips

Cloche Clips


  • Secure greenhouse film
  • Secure row cover
  • For use with 3/4″ cloche pipe
  • Will not submit to storms
  • Use 1 clip per 60cm (24″) of pipe
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Product Description

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These standard garden Cloche Clips are designed for 3/4″ (interior diameter) Cloche Pipe (ZRC451). These simple gadgets make garden protection easy. Clip your floating row cover or plastic greenhouse film to cloche pipe hoops to form a simple tunnel. These Clips provide safe anchorage in wind, snow, hail, and heavy rain. You need approximately 1 clip for every 60cm (24″) of pipe length. Complete instructions are included with every package. We have tested these clips on cloches exposed to the wind off of farm fields. Even the roughest winter storms did not budge these sturdy clips


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