VegTrug Greenhouse Cover

VegTrug Greenhouse Cover


  • Frame snaps together easily
  • Polyethylene greenhouse cover
  • Heats soil in spring
  • Keeps soil warm in winter
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Product Description

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The VegTrug Greenhouse Cover is available for either small or large sizes, this custom-made frame snaps together in minutes to support a snug-fitting greenhouse cover. The polyethylene cover unzips down the centre and is reinforced at the corners for a long life and a good look. It helps to heat soil and seedlings in the spring, and for winter salad growing as well. Use it in early summer (before peak summer temperatures) to grow peppers, eggplants, melons, tomatoes, and other heat loving crops. Once high summer temperatures arrive, it will need to be ventilated (or removed) to prevent buildup of excessive heat. Available in two sizes.


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