Pop Up Strawberry Planter
Pop Up Strawberry Planter

Pop Up Strawberry Planter


  • Sturdy but flexible for storage
  • Includes drainage holes
  • Includes 10 pockets
  • Grow fresh strawberries
  • Also good for herbs
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Product Description

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Plant up to ten strawberry plants in this convenient collapsable Pop Up Strawberry Planter. The pots are made from durable, heat-absorbing polypropylene, with a wire skeleton that holds everything together and gives the planter its shape. It’s also excellent for planting a balcony herb garden, with a different herb in each pocket. Use regular potting soil and keep it in a sunny, sheltered spot for best results. Strawberry plants are widely available at garden centers in the spring, and will produce for several years. Select everbearing types, and enjoy fresh strawberries from your patio planter all summer long. This item is 30cm (12″) wide and 60cm (24″) tall.


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