Hanging GeoPot HG962-2

Hanging GeoPots


HG963A (2 pockets, 38″ tall)
HG963B (4 pockets, 60″ tall)

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Product Description

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The Hanging GeoPots are perfect for urban balcony growers, or any gardener short on space. Grow vertically with these hanging planters – they are perfect for herbs, flowers, strawberries, and small vegetables like salad greens. Each pocket is 30cm deep by 30cm wide (12″x12″). Water will drain from the top pocket to the lower ones. Strawberry plants will thrive in the Hanging GeoPots. Imagine picking fresh strawberries right on your patio from spring through summer. Or design a herb garden from the fresh herbs you use the most in the kitchen. Basil, parsley, cilantro, oregano… The possibilities are endless.


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