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Cube Modular Garden


  • The ultimate in Square Foot Gardening
  • Create a vegetable garden anywhere
  • Make it as large or small as needed
  • Great for urban gardeners
  • Each unit is 12 x 12 x 12 inches
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Product Description

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Take Square Foot Gardening to the next level with the new CuBe Modular Garden system. Each unit measures precisely 12 x 12 x 12 inches and holds one cubic foot of soil. Constructed from specially engineered AeroFlow non-woven fabric, the CuBe Modular Garden allows excess moisture to easily drain away. At the same time, it provides exceptional air flow to the root system, resulting in “air pruning.” That’s the creation of a robust root system with masses of tiny rootlets, rather than the single tap root that gets tangled around and around the inside of a conventional pot. Whenever you need to expand your growing space, simply add another CuBe – in a line, in a block, whatever form suits your funciton. During the growing season, roots will vigorously penetrate between CuBes as plants grow, so that each plant gets the moisture and nutrition it needs. Use the popular Square Foot Gardening guidelines to know how many of each crop type can fit per CuBe.

Also available are DekProTek squares, specially designed for the Cube Modular Garden system. Each DekProTek tile is 12 x 12 inches, and keeps the CuBe off the wood of your patio or sundeck, preventing a buildup of moisture. This means that there is oxygen available beneath each CuBe, which helps with the air pruning of the roots.

CuBe is HG945
DekProTex is HG984



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