Worm Factory 360
Worm Factory 360Worm Factory 360

Worm Factory 360


  • Vermicomposter
  • Create worm castings
  • Eliminate food scraps
  • Full instructions included
  • Includes “worm ladder”

Product Description

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Convert kitchen scraps into high quality worm castings with this cleverly designed, odourless vermicomposting unit. As the lower trays fill with scraps, new trays are added, allowing the earthworms to move up and down through the column. This results in the lower trays eventually filling with “black gold” worm castings that are ready for your garden or house plants. The Worm Factory Composter kit comes complete with tools, coir and paper bedding to get it started, written instructions, compost thermometer, and a drainage spigot. Just add worms and you’re ready to go! It also indicates where to look on the manufacturer’s website to see an instructional video.

The Worm Factory 360 is constructed from recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene).



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