Bokashi Bran Compost Accelerator

Bokashi Bran Compost Accelerator


  • Premium bokashi bran
  • 800g bag
  • Made in BC
  • Composts in 4-6 weeks
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Product Description

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Take a big step towards minimizing food waste and improving your garden’s soil structure with Bokashi Bran Compost Accelerator. Made with the highest quality bacterial cultures and double fermented, this premium bokashi bran is teeming with live microbes which are ready to ferment and compost food scraps and other household wastes. Each 800g bag of Bokashi Bran is enough to ferment 4 full kitchen composters. For an average family, this is at least 2-3 months worth of food scraps.

This microbe infused compost accelerator can also be used directly in the garden as a soil amendment, dug into existing compost piles to reinvigorate them, and be added to kitty litter boxes, outhouses, and animal cages to reduce odours.


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