Bokashi Compost Accelerator
Bokashi Compost AcceleratorBokashi Compost AcceleratorBokashi Compost Activator

Bokashi Compost Accelerator


  • Use with the All Seasons Indoor Composter
  • Use with outdoor compost heaps
  • Accelerates breakdown of scraps
  • Reduces odours
  • Absorbs moisture
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Product Description

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Bokashi Compost Accelerator 1kg (2.2 lb) bag of replacement Bokashi to get your compost started and running smoothly with no odour. This mix of fine sawdust, sodium bicarbonate, and anaerobic bacteria works to absorb liquid and odour, while speeding the breakdown of food scraps and other kitchen waste. You can use it in the All Seasons Indoor Composter, or even in your garden compost heap to accelerate the composting process. The Bokashi system allows you to compost in even the smallest space, so it’s great for apartment and condo dwellers. The liquid can be drained off and used as a natural plant food.


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