Wild Bird Premium Suet Balls


  • Made with premium seeds
  • Beef kidney suet
  • Made in Canada
  • High energy food source

Product Description

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From Pinebush Home & Garden come these Wild Birds Premium Suet Balls to really spoil winter birds with the best ingredients. Made with love from the highest grade beef kidney suet, these balls are embedded with top quality seeds like safflower, black oil sunflower, and nyjer, which are not found in many suets. No corn is used to bad out the bulk of these nutritious balls. This carbohydrate and protein dense food will attract chickadees, juncos, jays, flickers, woodpeckers, and others. In times of deep snow, suet can be a lifeline for wild birds. This is a great learning opportunity for kids, and a magnet for backyard birds.

Package contains six balls.

Ships January, 2019


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