Handmade recycled glass Pixie Hummingbird Feeder BB060-1

Pixie Hummingbird Feeder


  • Hand made in Mexico
  • Clear glass with red nectar tube
  • Designed for a couple days worth of nectar
  • Easy to clean
  • Suspend with a ribbon for a decorative look!

Product Description

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This Pixie Hummingbird Feeder is hand made in Mexico. These airy, ethereal feeders are clear glass with a red glass nectar tube. They are designed to only contain a couple of days worth of nectar, and are easy to clean between feedings. Suspend them with a simple piece of ribbon for a very decorative look. Be sure to keep all your hummingbird feeders as clean as possible throughout the season to keep more birds visiting regularly. When feeders are allowed to sit unclean, they can actually put the health of hummingbirds at risk. the Pixie Hummingbird Feeder makes an excellent gift.


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