Pinebush Bird Bath

Pinebush Bird Bath Antique Gold


  • Ships flat
  • Assembles easily
  • Includes 4 ground stakes
  • Easy to clean and fill

Product Description

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Providing wild birds with a source of clean water is as important as feeding them from feeders, particularly in the summer or any time of drought. Provide them with a bird bath and they will make good use of it. This simple polypropylene bird bath assembles in minutes from four separate pieces. It comes with four ground stakes to keep it firmly upright, and it can be inserted into just about any lawn space. It pulls up easily for mowing and cleaning. Give it a good scrub out at least once a week, and refill with clean water. Smaller birds may bathe in it, but all birds will drink from it. Height: 70cm (27½”), diameter: 50cm (19¾”).

Ships January, 2019


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