Mixed Seeds Lighthouse Feeder
Mixed Seed Lighthouse FeederMixed Seed Lighthouse Feeder

Mixed Seed Lighthouse Feeder


  • Weather resistant finish
  • Sturdy metal design
  • Holds about 1 pound of food
  • Includes S-hook
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Product Description

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Four perches provide places to stop by for a nibble, but the outer surface is riddled with tiny holes for tree bark specialists to hang on as well. This is a very sturdy and reliable tube type feeder that works best with multiple seed mixes. The S-shaped hook slides out easily from the top peg, allowing the green roof cap to be removed for filling. Perching birds like chickadees and juncos will eat their fill, and ground feeding birds like sparrows and towhees will clean up any seed that gets knocked loose. The Mixed Seed Lighthouse Feeder is a great item for feeding wild birds throughout the year. This feeder holds about 450g (1 lb) of mixed seeds.


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