Cedar Chickadee House BB162-1

Cedar Chickadee House


  • Made from solid cedar
  • Comes fully built
  • Attracts chickadees
  • Reduces aphids and other pests
  • Educational and fun for kids

Product Description

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Mount a Cedar Chickadee House in your garden to attract the birds that will protect your plants from insect pests. Up to 60% of the winter diets of Coastal chickadee species is made up of overwintering aphid eggs. These little birds do a great, all-natural cleanup job in the garden, meticulously removing caterpillars, grubs, and other tiny insect pests. A great way to combat aphids is to attract chickadees to nest and raise their young in your garden. This solid cedar birdhouse is fitted with a 1 1/8″ entry hole, which is perfect for chickadees, wrens, and other tiny birds, but too small for unwanted bird species.
Measures 24.5 x 18.5 x 14cm.


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