Bird Seed Triple Delight
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Bird Seed Triple Delight


  • Our most popular bird seed blend
  • Attracts chickadees & nuthatches
  • High fat for winter feeding
  • Use tray or tube feeders
  • Birds will eat from your hand
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Product Description

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This high quality wild bird seed is a ” Triple Delight Bird Seed” blend of fresh roasted, unsalted peanuts, black oil sunflower, and striped sunflower seeds. The high fat content of the Triple Delight bird seed is selected specifically for wild birds, to meet their needs for insulation and carbohydrates in the winter months. This mix is guaranteed to attract chickadees, nuthatches, and other beneficial garden species. Take some Triple Delight the next time you visit a park or bird sanctuary, and the chickadees will be eating out of your hand. Triple Delight is our most popular bird seed blend, and is approved for feeding wild birds in tray or tube feeders.


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