Blue Bouquet

Blue Bouquet Pelleted


  • Perennial
  • Grows 30-38cm (12-15″)
  • Deep blue flowers
  • Suitable for containers
  • Blooms in the first year

Product Description

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Veronica spicata. The 30-38cm (12-15″) tall, tapered spires of deep blue flowers attract bees and butterflies from spring to late summer. This perennial works equally well in the flower bed and as a container plant, and its cut flowers are long lasting. Grow Blue Bouquet Veronica in full sun in fertile, moist soil for the longest bloom period. It looks splendid in larger containers. This unusual perennial blooms in the first year of growth, but just gets better as the years pass. This variety comes as pelleted seeds and is sold by seed count. Blue Bouquet have pelleted seeds for easy handing.



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