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  • Large, attractive blooms
  • Low maintenance perennial
  • Grows to 45-50cm (18-20″) tall
  • Relatively compact spread
  • Would work well in large containers
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Product Description

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We did a double take when we saw this remarkable Rudbeckia during the summer flower trials. Large and very attractive bronze and chocolate coloured blooms appear over a very long flowering period from mid summer to frost. Cappuccino Rudbeckia seeds are an excellent garden performer with huge, richly coloured flowers to 10cm (4″) across covering plants growing to 45-50cm (18-20″) tall. This Rudbeckia would work well in a half-barrel or other large containers, and it looks sensational in big plantings. Impressive, low maintenance, and drought tolerant for xeriscaping. Deadhead spent flowers for a longer display.


How to Grow Rudbeckia

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This annual Rudbeckia is commonly known as Black Eyed Susan, but also answers to such folksy names as Brown Betty, Brown Daisy, Brown Eyed Susan, Golden Jerusalem, Poor-land Daisy, Yellow Daisy, and Yellow Ox-Eye Daisy. This wonderful, fun flower comes in so many shapes, sizes and colours. It is so easy to plant and grow Rudbeckia seeds. Follow these simple instructions.

Rudbeckia hirta
Family: Asteraceae


Season & Zone
Exposure: Full sun
Zone: 2-10

Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost (early to mid-February on the coast), or direct sow about 2 weeks before last frost (middle of March on the Coast). If starting indoors, provide bright light and maintain a soil temperature of 21-25°C (70-75°F). Expect germination in 5-21 days.

Sow seeds on the surface of the soil. Thin or transplant to stand 30cm (12″) apart. In hot summers, some afternoon shade is appreciated.

Top dress with a thin layer of well rotted manure once a year. Keep watered in hot weather, and deadhead regularly. Plants may self-sow, which should be encouraged.


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