Plectritis Sea Blush Seeds
Plectritis Sea Blush SeedsPlectritis Sea Blush Seeds

Sea Blush


  • Hardy to Zone3
  • Annual
  • Height 10-60cm (4-24″)
  • Upright growth
  • Tolerates part shade

Product Description

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Plectritis congesta. This familiar pink wildflower is native to the Northwest coast and forests, blooming in late spring and growing as a (tame) self-seeding annual. Sea Blush seeds can be direct sown in full sun to partial shade in spring or late fall for blooms the following spring. Sea Blush is a tough plant that is well equipped to being exposed to the elements. In very exposed seaside terrain it may only reach 10cm (4″) tall. But with a bit of protection it will grow upright to 60cm (24″) tall. This easy-going flower can tolerate full sun to partial shade, and is hardy to Zone 3.



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