Quaking Grass Seeds

Quaking Grass


  • Perennial
  • Height to 50cm (20″)
  • Great for containers
  • Sun or partial shade

Product Description

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Briza maxima. The flowers of this unusual ornamental grass are known as panicles, and they are borne on flexible stems that causes them to bounce and tremble in the wind, hence, Quaking Grass. This  grass will grow in full sun to partial shade, in containers, raised beds, or in xeriscaping schemes. Make sure the soil is well drained and not that fertile, and the flower stalks will appear in mid summer to 50cm (20″) tall. Quaking Grass is a cool season, slow growing, clump forming annual grass that takes time to establish. Once it is growing, it requires very little care. It is tolerant of drought and stress, and is non-competitive.


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