Mont Blanc
Mont BlancMont BlancMont Blanc

Mont Blanc


  • Huge white flowers
  • Profuse blooms on compact plants
  • Make excellent cut flowers
  • Grows 60cm (24″) tall
  • Germinates in 15-20 days in warm soil

Product Description

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Lavatera trimestris. Stunning the garden, these snowy white mallows make excellent cut flowers. Gleaming white, massive 10cm (4″) wide flowers glow in the moonlight. Aptly named Mont Blanc for its profuse blooms on a compact plant growing 60cm (24″) tall earns this fast growing annual a place in the flower bed, front and centre. Mont Blanc Lavatera seeds are easy to grow, very hardy, and bloom from mid summer to frost. This fast growing plant works well in containers on their own, but even better in mass plantings. Try growing some at the end of your patio, where they can be enjoyed at night in the moonlight.


How to Grow Lavatera

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Annual Lavatera is also known as Mallow or Annual Tree Mallow.

Lavatera trimestris
Family: Malvaceae


Season & Zone
Exposure: Full sun
Zone: 2-10

Start indoors in peat or coir pots 6-8 weeks before the last frost, or direct sow outdoors in early spring when light frost is still possible, around mid-March on the coast. If starting indoors, maintain a soil temperature of 21°C (70°F). Seeds will sprout in 15-20 days. Transplant after last frost, being careful not to disrupt the roots. If direct sowing, repeat every 2 weeks until the nights get warmer for a longer bloom time.

Barely cover the seeds. Transplant or thin to 30-45cm (12-18″) apart.

Plants dislike transplanting, so do not move them. Grow in moist, average soil. Water well and deadhead regularly. Avoid feeding plants, as Lavatera grown in rich soil will have lush foliage and fewer flowers. It may self-sow.


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