Sparkle White Gaura
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Sparkle White Gaura


  • Perennial
  • Early blooming, naturally compact, and free-flowering
  • Durable and drought-resistant
  • First year blooming perennial
  • Perfect for xeriscaping

Product Description

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Gaura lindheimeri. Early blooming, naturally compact, and free-flowering, this first-year-blooming perennial is suitable for containers, with enough blooms to use as a bedding plant. Plant Sparkle White Gaura seeds in mass plantings, it’s spectacular! Gaura is durable and drought-resistant, growing 30-60cm (12-24″) tall with a spread of 30-50cm (12-20″). Hardy in Zones 5 to 9. Well suited to hot and dry conditions or areas with hot humid summers. Gaura is drought tolerant, so it’s well suited for xeriscaping. We first saw this AAS Award Winning Gaura at a seed trial, and fell in love right away. The plants are absolutely festooned with charming white flowers, and once it is established, Gaura will return year after year to complement your garden.


How to Grow Gaura

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Gaura is native to the southern United States, so it thrives in hot, dry environments, and is useful for xeriscaping.

Gaura lindheimeri


Season & Zone
Exposure: Full sun
Zone: 6-9

Start this perennial Gaura indoors 8-10 weeks transplanting outdoors. Transplant in early spring, when light frost is still possible – the last week in March in south coastal BC. Gaura can also be grown for transplanting in autumn, which insures flowers the following summer.

Or direct sow in early spring or early autumn. Seeds should germinate in 14-30 days.

Just cover the small seeds, and germinate at 18°-24°C (65°-75°F).

Space plants 60-90cm (24-36″) apart. Plant in full sun in ordinary, well-drained soil. Keep watered until plants are established, and then only in very dry weather. Gaura is drought resistant, and works really well planted alongside Echinacea and ornamental grasses in a xeriscaping scheme. Deadhead to prolong the flowering period. In the middle of their second season, cut plants back to 20cm (8″) to encourage bushy growth. If you live in Zone 7 or colder, provide winter mulch.


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