Douglas Aster Seeds

Douglas Aster


  • Perennial
  • Hardy in Zones 5-9
  • BC native wildflower
  • Blooms August-September

Product Description

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Symphyotrichum subspicatum. This BC native wildflower is found in nearly every part of the province, from Haida Gwaii to the Southern Interior, and south well into Washington and Oregon. Douglas Aster is a perennial that is hardy in Zones 5 to 9, and can reach as tall as 1m (3′). Its slightly hairy grey foliage and stems are hardly noticeable for most of the summer, but then it goes into bloom around mid August, continuing into September. This late season bloom time provides essential nectar to insects at a time when many other flowering plants are shutting down for the winter. This deer resistant plant spreads very gradually by underground rhizomes, and its seeds are slow to germinate, so it will not get out of hand. Pinch the stems to encourage branching, and deadhead spent flowers for a longer bloom period.



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