Seed Donations

As an integral part of our connection with our communities, we are extremely proud and happy to partner with other community minded organizations through our Seed Donation Program.

Each year West Coast Seeds supports groups and organizations both locally and worldwide by donating seeds through our Seed donation program. Our intention is to encourage sustainable organic growing practices by providing seeds and materials in support of growing and educational programs to those working hard to make this happen.   We have been privileged to partner with organizations with similar values, many of whom share their stories and successes with us

West Coast Seeds Seed Donations 1 West Coast Seeds Seed Donations Forest Grove  
Nanaimo Food Share Class having fun with seed donations from West Coast Seeds. “Gratitude from Forest Grove Elementary School, Burnaby, BC. Lynn Valley Garden Club Sale, North Vancouver, BC.

If you wish to apply for Seed donations, please review the qualifications below and submit your Request by completing the attached Seed Donation application form.

Download Seed Donation Form


Are you:

  1. An educator looking for seeds for a school garden, classroom projects, community education workshops?
  2. A Community garden growing food to freely share harvests with food banks, soup kitchens and other community based non-profit organizations?
  3. International NPO interested in taking seeds overseas to help advance self sufficiency in food production?
  4. A non-profit community organization promoting healthy eating, nutrition, organic gardening and sustainable growing practices?

Other terms and conditions:

The donated seed packets are pre-packed in boxes of 25 – 200 depending on needs as described in the application form. The seeds are a mixture of vegetables, herbs and flowers that were packaged for 2017.   If you have specific requests, we will try but cannot guarantee accommodation.   All our seeds are untreated, non-gmo.

There is no charge for the seeds but we request a flat charge of $15 to cover shipping on all orders shipped to your location. This allows the program to remain sustainable.

Seeds packets may not be sold, raffled off or otherwise used to gain profit.

If you have received Seed Donations in the past, we would love that you share your photos with us. These can be emailed to or tag us on instagram or facebook.

Here are some of our partners from the past      

West Coast Seeds Seed Donations Sonrise Church West Coast Seeds Seed Donation Guatamala
Growing Tomatoes in the Greenhouse, Sonrise-Church-Zimbabwe. In August 2007 a team of eleven people from Sonrise traveled to Zimbabwe to help build an orphan feeding center, to provide funds for food, medicines and schooling.

Aldea Maya Garden in Guatamala, 

A non profit grassroots organization working to assist the indigenous Mayans to help themselves through education, nutrition, garden projects or micro-loans.

West Coast Seeds Seed Donations Nepal West Coast Seeds Seed Donations Linc society
Gardening Sisters at Thrangu Tara Abbey, Nepal. The Buddhist nuns shown above are affiliated with Thrangu Rinpoche and provide much needed  education to local residents. 

LINC Society Harvesting Field Cucmbers

L.I.N.C. is an organization that works with all people impacted by the criminal justice system.