Xeriscape Wildflower Blend Ingredients

Xeriscape Wildflower Blend Ingredients
24 Nov
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The wildflower seeds in our Xeriscape blend are intended for planting in any area where drought is likely during summer. Xeriscaping is landscaping with water conservation in mind, so once they are established, these plants will not require regular watering except for regular rainfall. It’s important to keep them watered during the early part of the season until the seedlings are well established.

Desert Marigold — Baileya multiradiata
Deerhorn Clarkia — Clarkia pulchella
Oregon Sunshine — Eriophyllum lanatum
California Poppy — Eschscholzia californica
Blanketflower — Gaillardia aristata
Bird’s Eyes — Gilia tricolor
Tidy Tips — Layia platyglossa
Blue Flax — Linum perenne
Arroyo Lupin — Lupinus succulentus
Mojave Lupin — Lupinus sparsiflorus
Prairie Aster — Machaeranthera tanacetifolia
Blazing Star — Mentzelia lindleyi
Pale Evening Primrose — Oenothera pallida
Palmer’s Penstemon — Penstemon palmeri
Rocky Mountain Penstemon — Penstemon strictus
California Bluebell — Phacelia campanularia
Prairie Coneflower — Ratibida columnifera
Gooseberryleaf Globemallow — Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia
Greenthread — Thelesperma fillifolium