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Serendipity is a new bicolour with the very best characteristics of the super sweets: it is slow to get starchy after it is picked and it has the tender sweet kernels of the super sweet (sh2) types. Kernels run in 16-18 rows, on a slender 20cm (8") long cob, with a mid-green husk colour. The tender kernels probably cannot handle machine harvest so this variety can only be hand picked, for great taste at the roadside stand or your garden. A very tall plant, it holds the cobs up for easy picking.
Matures in 82 days. (sh2 Super Sweet hybrid seeds)

CN366 A (20g) approximately 140 seeds
CN366 B (50g) approximately 350 seeds
CN366 C (100g) approximately 700 seeds
CN366 D (1kg) approximately 7000 seeds
CN366 E (5kg) approximately 35000 seeds

Full Sun
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
CN366A Serendipity (Available) 20 g 140 3.69  
CN366B Serendipity (Available) 50 g 350 4.99  
CN366C Serendipity (Available) 100 g 700 7.99  
CN366D Serendipity (Available) 1000 g 7000 39.99  
CN366E Serendipity (Available) 5000 g 35000 159.99  
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