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Bloom time: Summer to frost.

Marigolds deserve the medal for being the flowers with the lowest maintenance required. In fact, some experts claim that marigolds are nearly care-free. That's not quite true but if your garden color scheme runs to yellows and oranges, you can't go wrong with the trusty marigold.

Marigolds will thrive in the sun in moist, well-drained soil. Like many plants, they will appreciate being watered directly in the soil (rather than having the water rain down on them). Marigolds may appreciate some feeding during the season, but they really don't require it.

One word of warning: marigolds have a distinctive scent. Some people love it, others don't.

African Marigold Crackerjack Mix

African Marigold Crackerjack Mix Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening

Half-Hardy Annual (HHA)
This mix produces tall, distinguished plants with yellow and orange double flowers. Plant behind shorter varieties or mass alone. Cut flowers are long lasting. Feed flowers to chickens for bright yellow yolks! Plant height 1m (3').

FL2930 A (1g) approximately 310 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Brocade Mix

Brocade Mix Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening

Half-Hardy Annual (HHA)
Brilliant 5cm (2”) wide flowers in gold to mahogany atop 30-38cm (12-15”) plants. Grow in full sun and deadhead regularly to enjoy flowers from May to heavy frost. Very easy to grow!

FL2948 A (1g) approximately 260 seeds
FL2948 B (5g) approximately 1400 seeds
FL2948 C (25g) approximately 7000 seeds
FL2948 D (125g) approximately 32500 seeds
FL2948 E (500g) approximately 130000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

French Marigold Sparky Mix

French Marigold Sparky Mix Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening

Half-Hardy Annual (HHA)
Enjoy mounds of tawny oranges and yellows by mid-summer. This is the variety that will suppress 'bad' nematodes in your soil. Be sure to plant around the vegetable garden! They can also be used as a cover crop. Plant height 30cm (12").

FL2918 A (0.5g) approximately 105 seeds
FL2918 B (5g) approximately 1050 seeds
FL2918 C (25g) approximately 7000 seeds
FL2918 D (100g) approximately 28000 seeds
FL2918 E (500g) approximately 105000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

French Vanilla Marigold

French Vanilla Marigold Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening

Half-Hardy Annual (HHA)
Soft blooms are like rich vanilla ice cream but have the same familiar marigold scent. Beautiful large, fully rounded flowers heads are excellent for cutting. Plant height 50cm (20").

FL2952 A (0.1g) approximately 34 seeds
FL2952 B (1g) approximately 420 seeds

From : $ 7.25 CA


Mowgli Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening New for 2014

Tagetes patula. The ultimate marigold for containers! Mowgli is an extra dwarf red and orange bicolour that grows to only 15cm (6") tall. Its vivid, firey blooms look sensational grown down the edge of a path or scattered in a rock garden. Easy and trouble-free colour for your patio or flower bed - or in between rows of vegetables.

FL2054 A (0.25g) approximately 65 seeds
FL2054 B (1g) approximately 260 seeds
FL2054 C (5g) approximately 1300 seeds

From : $ 3.99 CA

Signet Marigold Golden Gem

Signet Marigold Golden Gem Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening

T. tenuifolia
Annual (A)
An intense citrus aroma fills the air when you brush by them along a path or in hanging baskets. Small single blooms make airy mounds above lacy foliage. Use blossoms in salads, desserts and fancy drinks. By far the best-tasting marigold. Gold Gem is slow to bloom so start early. Bright lemon-yellow blooms flower until heavy frost. Plant height 40cm (15").

FL2945 A (0.15g) approximately 52 seeds
FL2945 B (2g) approximately 580 seeds
FL2945 C (5g) approximately 1450 seeds

From : $ 3.79 CA