Why Choose a West Coast Seeds Fundraiser?

West Coast Seeds' fundraising program is a great option for schools and community
organizations that are concerned about the environment and want to cultivate
strong communities.

Your organization earns 40% of every seed packet that it sells.
We provide Canada No.1 seeds that are untreated, non-GMO, and suitable
for organic growing. All of our seeds are independently tested for
germination and purity, and we report germination rates on our packages.

Our team will provide support for all your fundraising needs throughout your
campaign. We are also available for all your gardening questions anytime
throughout the year. We encourage you to share your successes, concerns, and any
garden stories.

** West Coast Seeds fundraising program is seasonal and is best run at the
beginning of the year between January 1st and April 30th to accommodate the
growing season.**