A Roma tomato or Roma is a plum tomato that is also known as Italian tomatoes or Italian plum tomatoes. Roma tomatoes are typically meatier and less juicy than regular tomatoes, which makes them particularly good for cooking and canning. Regular main season or early tomatoes can be made into tomato sauce, but Roma tomatoes will produce a thicker, more flavourful tomato sauce.

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  • Amish Paste Roma Tomato Seeds

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  • Golden Rave Tomato Seeds TM777 1

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  • La Roma Tomato Seeds TM785

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  • Pozzano Organic Tomato Seeds

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  • San Marzano Lampadina 2 Organic Tomato Seeds TM831

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  • Super Italian Paste Roma Tomato Seeds TM802 1

    Super Italian Paste

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  • Supremo Tomato Seeds TM829


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