Main Season

Main season tomato seeds get planted at the same time as early tomatoes, but they take a bit longer to mature. These plants need extra heat units (exposure to hot weather over time) to mature. They include some of the largest, tastiest, and distinctive tomato varieties. Many heirloom tomatoes are main season types, and so are the beefsteak tomato varieties that mature in late summer but are well worth the wait.

It’s a good idea to protect all tomato plants from rain and overhead watering, particularly in coastal gardens west of the Cascades, where late blight is a serious problem. Read more about late blight in our How to Grow Tomatoes instructions. Be sure to protect your main season tomatoes from this common disease because it can strike just as your tomatoes are nearly ripe.

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  • Arbason Beefsteak Organic Tomato Seeds

    Arbason Beefsteak Organic

  • Alicante Tomato Seeds TM807-1


  • Black Krim Organic tomato seeds TM794 1

    Black Krim Organic

    5 out of 5
  • Caiman Organic Tomato Seeds

    Caiman Organic

  • Cougar Red Organic Tomato Seeds TM805 1

    Cougar Red Organic

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    Green Zebra Organic

  • Indigo Rose Organic Tomato Seeds TM799-1

    Indigo Rose Organic

    2 out of 5
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    Jaune Flamme

  • Moneymaker Tomato Seeds TM833 1


  • Moneymaker Tomato Seeds TM833 1

    Moneymaker Organic

  • Mountain Merit Tomato Seeds

    Mountain Merit

  • Old German Organic tomato seeds TM798 1

    Old German Organic

    5 out of 5