Acorn squash seeds produce vines or bush plants that form distinctive acorn-shaped fruits with longitudinal ridges and sweet orange flesh. These winter squashes belong to the species Cucurbita pepo, so care should be taken not to plant next to other C. pepo varieties – if you plan to save seeds.

Cucurbita pepo is probably the most diverse group of plants in terms of its fruits. This species can produce pumpkins (smooth-skinned or warty, the oil-producing types, summer pumpkins, and many of the pumpkins grown for Jack-o’-lanterns); acorn squashes (including true, top-shaped acorns, delicatas, and Jack Be Little pumpkins); scalloped squashes; crookneck and straight-neck squashes; vegetable marrow (including spaghetti squashes); zucchinis (which are always an even thickness along their length); cocozelle types (these look like zucchinis, but have a bulbous blossom end); and an amazing range of decorative gourds with a wild range of colours, shapes, and sizes. The species name pepo refers to the nature of the fruit (technically it is a berry) – thick-skinned, fleshy, and housing seeds in a small cavity at one end or along its length.

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