Plant romaine lettuce seeds in your organic vegetable garden to grow nice big tall lettuce heads that are perfect for Caesar salads. Augustus Caesar is said to have commissioned a great statue of Romaine lettuce because he felt that he had been cured of a grave illness by eating its leaves. The “Caesar salad,” however, was invented in Tijuana, Mexico, by Italian immigrant Caesar Cardini in 1924.

Eventually, under Roman influence, lettuce came to be grown in France, first appearing at the papal court of Avignon. Until the reign of Louis XVI, lettuce had primarily been eaten as a hot cooked dish, not raw. A French nobleman known as Chevalier d’Albignac introduced lettuce salads to London in the mid-18th century. According to the culinary writer Brillat-Savarin, this French salad enthusiast made something of a small fortune for himself, visiting hotels and restaurants equipped with a set of dressings that included flavoured oils and vinegars, caviar, soy sauce, anchovies, and meat juices.

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