Butterhead lettuce seeds produce what is sometimes called Bibb type lettuce. Soft leaves and loose head formation are typical of this lettuce type. You can plant butterhead lettuce seeds in your organic vegetable garden, allotment garden, or winter cold frame. Try certified organic Alkindus butterhead lettuce seeds this year and you’ll be amazed at how large and beautiful these can be. Speckled Butterhead is another type of certified organic lettuce seeds that we love and grow every year.

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  • Alkindus Organic Butterhead Lettuce Seeds LT507 1

    Alkindus Pelleted Organic

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  • Blushed Butter Oak Lettuce Seeds LT509-1

    Blushed Butter Oak Organic

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  • Buttercrunch


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  • Gandhi Organic

    Gandhi Organic

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  • Roxy Organic

    Roxy Organic

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  • Speckled Butterhead Organic

    Speckled Butterhead Organic

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  • Tom Thumb Lettuce Seeds LT490-1

    Tom Thumb

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