Eggplant Seeds

Eggplant Seeds

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Eggplant seeds grow beautiful big plants in a decorative container in the sunshine for their large and delicious fruits. Although grocery stores carry them in the vegetable section, they are actually pear-shaped berries. They come in glossy black, purple, green, yellow and white as well as a variety of shapes and sizes. Most cultivars need at least 100-150 warm, frost-free days to bear fruit.

Eggplants are an important ingredient in many cuisines. They are the star ingredient in Middle Eastern Baba Ghanoush and one of the vegetables in peasant French ratatouille. Cut them in thin layers and grill them after a light marination of olive oil and spices for a flavourful addition to sandwiches. For a simple and nutritious meal, stir-fry sections of eggplant with garlic and Asian black bean sauce with garnishes of fresh scallions. (Family: Tomato, Solanaceae)

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