These plants, a part of the lettuce family called Chicory, have grown wild in Europe for centuries. Depending on where they originated and the shape of their growth form, they may be known as chicory, cichoria, endive, radicchio, Treviso, palla rossa, Belgian endive, markant, escarole, friseé, witloof, Italian dandelion, and a host of other names. All have nutritious, slightly bitter leaves. Try a mixed salad of endive, radicchio, escarole with sherry vinaigrette and chopped fennel.(Family: Lettuce, Asteraceae).

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  • Broadleaf Batavian Escarole

    Broadleaf Batavian Escarole

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  • Italian Dandelion

    Italian Dandelion Endive

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  • Wallone-Markant

    Markant Wallone Endive

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  • Sugar Loaf

    Sugar Loaf Endive

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  • Tres Fine Marichaire Frisee Seeds

    Tres Fine Maraichere

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  • Zidane Frisee Organic

    Zidane Frisee Endive

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